I am really happy with the tub (and it has increased the value of our home by $10,000 as of the last appraisal we had).  I could have taken a Schedule A Medical deduction for it because of our daughter’s disability but did not need to because we don’t make enough to itemize on our Schedule 1040.

I had no time in the 30 second video to tell the story of the purchase but want to tell you that it is (was) quite a value as far as I am concerned.  I can’t give you enough praise for value versus the other nationally advertised tubs without the features at a much higher price.  I did all the installation myself after watching the simplicity of doing it on your website video; except for getting it up 23 stairs to the second floor of our home (friends helped me lift it over a bannister and up the stairs). The most difficult pat of the installation was cutting out the old non-working Jacuzzi tub.  The new luxury spa was two inches shorter than the space occupied by the old tub but I easily remedied that with a wood frame that I waterproofed.  Our daughter is 16 and we have recently taken in a 43 year old woman who is also disabled and she loves it.  I am 73 and after a difficult day maintaining our home (140 year old Victorian) and a 100 year old Victorian home next door that we rent, I get in it and afterward sleep like a baby after using the jets on my old sore body.

You all gave me great service and I tell everyone about your company and great  product. 


~George H.; Brookfield, MO; WI-302 Walk in Tub





My new bathroom is finished!!!  I LOVE my new spa tub, it is perfect for my needs.  The tub pictured here was so reasonably priced, about the same price with all the jets and extras as many others we looked at that had none of these extras.  The price also included the shipping, which was a big savings.  It is easy to clean and I think it's beautiful.  Love the jets, lights, and built-in radio.  The controls are all computerized, impossible to screw up.  Any questions we had were quickly answered by the pros at Luxury Spas, very impressed with their customer service.  I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend Luxury Spas!

~ Jean S.; Marlow, OK; WI-302 Walk in Tub


~Ken E.; Fargo, ND; WI-302 Walk in Tub