My family and I love our new steam shower.  Our bathroom feels like we are at a resort. We never knew how much we would enjoy using all the features that the steam shower has to offer. Now when everyone comes to our house they all want to use our shower. 

~Terrence Z. E-28 Steam Shower


I ordered my steam shower and delivery was right on time. The care in packaging was easily recognized the unit was perfect. We installed the steam shower ourselfs my wife and I that is. I really couldn't have done it without the second set of hands mainly just to hold the sides and doors in place as I fastened them. The directions were very accurate and easy to follow. the best part: this stem shower is just fabulas from the foot masager to the rain fall shower., Oh not to mention the saune part we love sitting in the sauna together with the nice sized two seats and drink wine while listening to our favorate cd. what a great unit and a awesome experience the whole way from purchase to use.
~Thanks, Mike & Christie

AX-742 Steam Shower 


(Arrival in crate)


(Installed in bath)

  "We are really enjoying the SteamShower.  Being big enough for two people makes showering and taking a steam bath with my wife a whole lot of fun.  We have gotten rave reviews from friends and the installers.  With all the functions it makes showering fun.  We are very happy with our purchase."


Aubrey, TX

AX-742 Steam Shower