49.6" X 49.6" X 24.4"H

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110 V 30 Amp Dedicated Circuit
Stainless Steel Framing
7 Water Jets
Acrylic Surface
Underwater Light
Tub Reinforced with 10mm Fiberglass Resin
Beautiful Glossy Surface
99% Sssembled
Hand Held Shower Spray
Hot/Cold Faucet
Power: .75KW-1KW
All Hardware Included
2 Headrest

FREE SHIPPING!!  This Outstanding Luxury Spas jetted tub is fully assembled.  All
the plumbing and electrical work is complete.  Simply put tub into place and hook up the
water supply and drainage, and plug cord into a normal 110v.   It's built
to last, and that's how we are able to offer the 5 year warranty.  The following options
listed below can also be added to this tub.  Simply let us know what options you desire
for your tub, and we can start production.  Complete turnaround time from ordering
to delivery to your location is about 10-12 weeks.  Your savings by ordering directly
through us is approximately 75% as compared to normal retail prices of our competitors.
1) Air Bubble System +$75.   In addition to the water jets already installed in this tub, you
can choose to include the air bubble system.  This system shoots air into the water
and provides a much more relaxing experience.
2) Heater + $200.  By choosing this heater option, a water heater can be installed on this
unit to directly heat the water as it enters the tub.  Normal water heaters in homes are
only so big, and you may simply run out of hot water if this option is not included.
3)Radio+ $35 .  This to your favorite music while bathing.
4) Ozone:  +$50.  This option allows for the creation of ozone that helps clean the tub.


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