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AX-8128 Steam Shower -L

67" x 40" x 82.7"
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AX-8128 Steam Shower -L

Steam Features

  • 110 V 30 Amp Dedicated Circuit
  • Heavy-Duty Acrylic & Tempered Glass
  • Computer control
  • Exhaust Fan
  • 6 Hydrotherapy Massage Jets
  • Storage Shelf
  • FM Radio
  • Handheld Shower
  • Overhead Rainfall Shower
  • Ozone Sterilization System


Sauna Features

  • 110 V 30 Amp Dedicated Circuit
  • Sauna Heater w/ rocks
  • Seat
  • Bucket w/ ladle
  • Light
  • Sliding Glass door separates Shower

Standard Options

  • Available in Left or Right hand model
  • Shown in LEFT hand model


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Product Description

Steam & Sauna Combo Shower

Enjoy the best of both showers! Take a steam shower on one side, then take a sauna on the other. Or enjoy with two people! Steam room and Sauna room are separated by a sliding glass door. Welcome to your own spa! 

Steam Generator

Luxury Spas includes a built-in steam generator in all Steam Showers. This unit features a high quality 3000 watt 28amp steam generator which will start producing hot steam in just under 2 minutes. Use the LCD control panel to adjust the temperature and the duration of your customizable steam bath. Luxury Spas Steam Showers include all the luxuries of a steam bath as well as the numerous health benefits. 

Hydrotherapy Massage Jets
This Luxury Spas unit includes 6 adjustable hydrotherapy massage jets on the control panel. Customize your massage by positioning each jet to the desired point on your body.

Overhead Rainfall Shower
The most relaxing and soothing way to enhance your shower experience! The Overhead Rainfall Shower in your Luxury Spas Steam Shower will be your favorite function for every shower. You can choose to turn the overhead light on or off with the LCD control panel.  The spray nozzles are made of rubber to reduce calcium buildup.



Ozone Sterilization system

This allows for the creation of ozone that helps sterilize the tub. Simply press a button on the control panel after each use and your shower will be sterilized for you!

FM Radio
Enhance your showering experience in your new Luxury Spas Steam Shower by listening to music while taking a bath or shower.

Handheld Shower
Included in this Luxury Spas unit is a handheld shower wand. Customize your shower experience by using this wand as a normal shower or handheld shower. 

Heavy-Duty Acrylic & Tempered Glass
Luxury Spas, Inc. works closely with the manufacturer to ensure the quality of the acrylic on each steam shower unit. The acrylic can easily be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners. The glass in all the Luxury Spas Steams Showers is also tempered glass for your protection. 

Exhaust Fan
Customize your Luxury Spas Steam Shower with our included exhaust fan. You have the option of hooking up the exhaust fan to your current exhaust system in your bathroom. 

Storage Shelves
Storage shelves are included in all Luxury Spas Steam Shower for your convenience.

Dealers Welcome!

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  • My family and I love our new steam shower.  Our bathroom feels like we are at a resort.  We never knew how much we would enjoy using all the features that the steam shower has to offer. Now when everyone comes to our house they all want to use our shower.   -Terrence



  •  I ordered my steam shower and delivery was right on time. The care in packaging was easily recognized the unit was perfect. We installed the steam shower ourselfs my wife and I that is. I really couldn't have done it without the second set of hands mainly just to hold the sides and doors in place as I fastened them. The directions were very accurate and easy to follow. the best part: this stem shower is just fabulas from the foot masager to the rain fall shower., Oh not to mention the saune part we love sitting in the sauna together with the nice sized two seats and drink wine while listening to our favorate cd. what a great unit and a awsome experience the whole way from purchase to use.

    Thanks ,
    Mike & Christie 





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