There are many facets to remodeling a bathroom; demolition, electrical, plumbing, and finish work are key components to any successful job. Planning ahead and creating a checklist can help insure a smooth process.

Choosing Your Spa or Shower

It is important to decide what style and size shower or spa you want, and whether it will replace an existing tub in exactly the same spot. Going larger may require drain relocation, but will afford you the luxury you are looking for. Test the size, components, and comfort in showroom models if possible. Consider details such as grab bars and internal heaters, as well as weight of the tub and the need to add more framing to support it. Jetted spas will require a dedicated circuit for the blower motor, so be sure to obtain proper electrical and plumbing permits from your local building department.
Once you choose your model, you will need to decide if and how much you want to change the existing decor. Replacing floors and walls are not necessary with Luxury Spas Steam Showers, which can be assembled and slid into place.


The first part of preparing your bathroom is the removal of the old tub or shower. Basic disassembling is similar regardless of existing unit, but contact a professional for assistance if necessary.

1. Shut off hot and cold water valves behind the tubs access panel, or shut off the main water supply coming into the house.

2. If not already installed, add hot and cold water shut offs for the new spa to allow you to work on the project while keeping water going to the rest of the house.

3. Disconnect the drain and overflow of the old tub.

4. If you choose to renovate completely, remove surrounding walls and tiles down to the studs. Luxury Spas, Inc Steam Showers are completely free standing, allowing you to keep your existing wall and floor surfaces.

5. Fiberglass or enameled tubs can be cut into manageable pieces for removal. Additional assistance is required to remove cast iron tubs in one piece. This may also necessitate widening the door-frame.

6. Add extra framing to support the weight of your spa if needed.
Your bathroom is now ready for your new Luxury Spa or Shower!

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