There are a few ways to best clean your stainless steel, whether it is your sink, appliances, or your entry door from Luxury Spas, Inc.

The first, and most gentle method is with warm water and a cloth. Dampen the cloth and gently rum the soiled area. Follow with a dry cloth to prevent water spots.

If you need a bit more oomph, try a mild detergent, such as dish liquid, and some warm water. The key here is to make sure you rinse thoroughly to eliminate the possibility of staining or spotting. Failure to completely remove all detergents can result in a rainbow effect. Again, finish with a dry cloth.

If fingerprints are an issue, try using glass cleaner or ammonia, being sure to rinse and dry completely once prints are gone.

If your stainless steel has become scratched or stained, a specially formulated cleaner made specifically for stainless steel should do the trick. We suggest following the package directions and testing on a small inconspicuous spot first. As always, rinse thoroughly and towel dry.

For the environmentally conscious, a pasty mixture of baking soda and warm water lends just enough abrasiveness to buff out small scratches. Be sure to scrub with the finish grain, and never in a circular motion. Rinse and towel dry for a clean finish.

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