Consider Need
For those with special physical limitations, a Walk-In Bathtub is essential for safety, as well as maintaining a sense of independence. Look for a tub with a seat height comparable to wheelchair height for ease in entering and exiting.

Luxury Spas, Inc array of Walk-In Bathtubs offers choice of left or right side door openings for convenience in your specific bathroom design.

Depending on where you plan to put your Walk-In Bathtub, consider whether you are replacing an old tub or shower, and plan accordingly. Freestanding tubs are also available.

All Luxury Spas Walk-In Bathtubs include water and/or air bubble jets, increasing your massage and health benefits exponentially. Also included with each unit is a hand held shower spray wand for convenience in a complete bathing experience. Keep in mind the number of drains, as the bather must remain in the tub until all the water is gone before exiting. Double drains means faster water elimination.

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