What is O3?

Ozone (O3) or trioxygen, is a triatomic molecule, consisting of three oxygen atoms. Ozone is naturally produced by white blood cells and other biological systems as means of destroying foreign bodies. Ozone is the alternative water purifier to traditional chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. It can be used for bleaching substances and for killing unhealthy microorganisms in air and water sources.


Why is the ozone sterilization system beneficial?

The Ozone Sterilization System in our Jetted Tubs kills the bacteria left from standing water, similar to the process of using chlorine. This assures your tub or shower is always clean and fresh. It leaves no traces of mold, mildew, viruses or bacteria, which may cause illness. Ozone leaves no chemical by-products, taste, or smell. Our ozone system will not leave a chemical film on material or skin, nor discolor or damage hair or clothing.


How does it work?

Technically speaking, Ozone is made up of three Oxygen atoms. One of these atoms has a weak hold on the others, and is more than willing to transfer electrons with other organic substances, such as bacteria, and viruses. This single Oxygen atom binds with the other substance, causing it to oxidize (turn into something else. Rust is an example of Iron oxidizing into Iron Oxide). The byproduct of Oxidation in this case is O, a single Oxygen atom. To put it simply, this single Oxygen atom sticks to the bacteria and destroys it, leaving your spa clean and virus free.

How do I use it in my Luxury Spas Inc. Shower or Jetted Tub?

After taking a bath or shower, press the O3 button on your control panel and the ozone sterilization system will start working. You will actually hear the generator turn on. The ozone will be pumped through the tubes killing the bacteria in an instant. It is safe to use once a week, or after each bath or shower.