Besides its elegant beauty and lasting durability, utilizing a stainless steel door for your entry boasts many other benefits as well.

- Stainless steel is quite strong, ideal for added security in any architectural setting.

- Our doors are pre-assembled and pre-hung for easy installation.

- Every door offers built in dead bolt locks and double vault pins securing it to the frame for your added protection.

- Stainless steel will not shrink, warp, rot, or sag like other materials, ensuring the longevity of your door.

- Because of the material and construction, stainless steel doors are energy efficient.

- Stainless steel is low maintenance and the durable finish is very easy to clean.
(see cleaning methods here)

- High oxidation resistance, meaning it wont rust or corrode.

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As always, we welcome any questions you may have about purchasing the Stainless Steel entry door thats right for you.