Whirlpool Baths, or Jetted Bathtubs, are most certainly relaxing, but there are many other reasons to own one.

- Luxury Spas, Inc has an extensive line of Jetted Bathtubs to accommodate your every need.

- Whirlpool Baths use both air and water to create bubbles, and their stronger jets create a more forceful massage effect.

- Whirlpool Baths are larger than standard tubs, allowing for more than one occupant at a time.

- For those with muscle or deep tissue concerns, a Whirlpool Bath can aid in the soothing and healing process.

- Whirlpool Baths have optional pressure control settings available, so you can adjust for the level of massage you desire.

- Whirlpool Baths can be beneficial to women in labor, easing the contractions and providing comfort.

- Patients with arthritis can find relief by soaking in a Whirlpool Bath.

Whether you are looking for a simple Jetted Bathtub for yourself, or a deluxe style to enjoy with others, we can help you choose the perfect Luxury Spas, Inc Jetted Bathtub to transform your bathroom into the most relaxing room in the house!

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